Zarchiver Pro Apk 1.0.8 Latest Download

Zarchiver Pro Apk 1.0.8 Latest Download: With the help of the file manager mobile app ZArchiver Donate, you can quickly reduce and decompress archives. ZDevs created this utility tool, which is a highly configurable, free Pro version of ZArchiver. It has all the features of the free version plus a little more, since the main purpose of the software is to let you contribute to the ZArchiver project and get something back in return.

What is the purpose of ZArchiver?

A free archive management tool that can “unzip,” decompress, and compress files is called ZArchiver. Numerous file archive formats, including 7ZIP, ZIP, BZ2, GZ, XZ, LZ4, TAR, and ZSTD, can be produced by it. Conversely, you can unzip files like RAR, ISO, and WIM. Moreover, it can create and access files that are password-protected. email client files, split archives, and multipart archives.

ZArchiver Pro v1.0.8 APK Download

When comparing this file to ZArchiver Donate, which is a paid version intended to support development, there isn’t much of a difference. The special features of the free version—like multithreading and UTF-8/UTF-16 compatibility, which let you use national symbols in filenames—remain available. There are premium features like picture previews, password storage, in-store file editing, and bright and dark themes.

There is still, however, one drawback to the free edition: there are no in-app tutorials. For users who are not familiar with creating or opening archives, it provides some pointers but no Help section. Since many people use ZArchiver for its file compression capabilities, it would be great if this was added. Other than that, this is a very feature-rich file organizer suitable for all types of users.

Zarchiver Pro Apk 1.0.8 Latest Download

If you like ZArchiver, ZArchiver Donate is a great addition overall. Along with a few special features, your purchase will help the app’s ongoing development so that it can be improved in the future.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

What does it do?

You can now use the helpful application to quickly compress any files on your system into a small, manageable file if you’re desperate to find a suitable file achiever and compressor on your Android device. In the meantime, you should have no trouble decompressing any internet files you recently downloaded. The best part is that ZArchiver is incredibly capable and versatile, and it can work with a wide variety of file formats on your devices.

Additionally, ZArchiver will provide you with easy access to your files through its feature-rich Android file manager in case you ever need to check on your files and folders.


For those of you who’re interested in the exciting mobile application of ZArchiver, you can now enjoy the free version of the app on the Google Play Store. Here, you will find yourself enjoying many available features from the app. However, if you want to make the most of it, you will need to go for the premium version of ZArchiver, which will unlock many interesting features.

And at the same time, to make sure that Android users in ZArchiver won’t find themselves having any problems with the in-app compatibility, it’s suggested that you run the app on the latest available firmware versions. Also, you’ll need to provide the app with certain access permissions, which are required to have it running properly.

Final verdicts

To further assist your file manager application of ES File Explorer Manager PRO, Android users can try out ZArchiver on their mobile devices. Here, the useful mobile app allows you to easily work on your compressed files in multiple aspects. Feel free to explore multiple options with optimized compressions, which should make the app a lot more accessible.

And finally, with the free and unlocked version of the app on our website, you’ll have more reasons to enjoy it.

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