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The boyfriend in your mobile game is obnoxious, possessive, erratic, violent, and eager to show you how much he cares in his own special way. Thus, exercise caution when conversing with him.

About Your Boyfriend Mobile

The dating simulator game Your Your Boyfriend tells the story of a strange man who is deeply in love with you and goes above and beyond to express his feelings. Even if you’d prefer not to be connected to this person.

This movie is not for those who get angry, upset, or agitated easily. The themes in the game include abduction, suicide, and pursuit.

Overview of Your Boyfriend Mobile Game APK

Using an interactive story mechanism, Your Boyfriend Game Mobile APK mediafire lets players make decisions while having a conversation with this boyfriend. As a result, the plot will take several turns and have numerous possible outcomes. Players will, however, encounter tense and unexpected situations, and a happy ending is not assured.

Your Boyfriend Mobile

The psychological horror relationship simulation in Your Boyfriend Game APK full version is one of the game’s highlights, where players will go through tense and terrifying situations. The game adds to the obsession and anxiety by bringing up dark themes like kidnapping, pursuit, and suicide.

Your Boyfriend Mobile Game Gameplay

Because it’s an interactive visual novel, you have to navigate conversations and make choices as you play. That being said, the story will present you with a number of possible outcomes, none of which will be favorable.

Choosing the most convenient method of contact for you in this game won’t bring you much joy because you’ll quickly become aware of the intense tension caused by the man you’re interested in. Dialogs are automatically suppressed, giving you no option but to accept this. Of course, the man who is bothering you doesn’t seem particularly attractive.

The social condemnation feature of the Your Boyfriend mobile game, which aims to draw attention to the dangers of men harassing women, is its most important feature. It is worth noting that a considerable number of these men maintain that their actions do not qualify as harassment, and they will persist in rationalizing their actions to reinforce their delusions.

Important update !! Underage players and peppers

This game may be very upsetting, so those who are young or sensitive should avoid playing it. You can’t possibly hope for anything pleasant from the insane protagonist of the game.

Thus, your partner gained notoriety, and I had to cope with an influx of adoring fans. We need to sort out a few things first.

Laughing man and Fubu are using Twitch Stream to share the early prototypes of Your Boyfriend Mobile Game with their respective fan bases for Black Shepherd Games and Inverted Minds Ink. Like anything Laughing man performs live, this is one of the most entertaining recordings of the past few years.

How to Download & Play Your Boyfriend Mobile Game on Android APK & iOS

  • Download the game files from Apk-Soft.Online
  • Install it in your required phones (Android/iOS).
  • Launch the game, Complete the Verification process by running apps/games for 30-40 seconds.
  • Re-Launch Your Boyfriend Mobile Game.

Download On Telegram

To update:

  • Paved the way for a broken story.
  • The wrongly triggered path with the Easter egg has been determined.
  • The demo prototype is live for macOS and Linux. The macOS version requires a solution and the Linux version requires further testing.
  • The first and second day for Halloween has appeared.
  • Day 2 includes new graphics, characters, backgrounds, and branch paths from Day 1 options.
  • Base Day 1 includes editing and expansion.
  • New screen size options and in-game options.
  • At the end of the demo, restart the game.
  • The ending is more accessible with higher repetitions.
  • Removed unnecessary code.
  • Linux version released.

Features of Your Boyfriend Mobile APK:

An otome game called Your Boyfriend Mobile Game is devoted to all of your favorite women. In this interactive game, you can virtually create a story of romantic love with attractive and captivating men.

You will play as a beautiful office lady and Riku, her young lover, in this game.

  • The biggest issue is the age disparity! Do you believe you can overcome the age gap and have excellent chemistry and understanding?
  • This game allows you to personalize your character’s clothing. You may also customize your friend’s clothing.
  • The game is entirely free to download and play, but if you want to unlock a premium episode with your lovely young sweetheart, you must pay real money.

Graphics for Your Boyfriend Game APK iOS

The graphics in Your Boyfriend Game APK windows are stunning and of high quality. The game’s visually stunning environments are dark and tense to fit the narrative’s setting. The game’s characters are drawn with precision and clarity, and their designs are intricate.

This strikes the ideal balance between action and in-game aesthetics, giving players a fun and engaging experience. Overall, Peter Your Boyfriend Game APK’s graphics are a standout feature that improves the player’s gaming experience.


In the world of dating simulations, Your Boyfriend Game Mobile APK provides a distinctive and dramatic experience. This game draws the player in with its gripping and gloomy plot, engaging gameplay, and stunning visuals. It is not appropriate for all audiences and contains offensive content, among other drawbacks.

Before playing this game, players should think about it, especially if they are sensitive or easily offended by offensive material. To sum up, if you’re looking for a different kind of awkward dating simulation game, give Your Boyfriend Game APK a try.

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