GB WhatsApp APK

Are you feeling underwhelmed by your recent WhatsApp experience? Introducing GB WhatsApp, a modified version of the well-liked messaging app loaded with tons of fun new features. You have complete control over GBWhatsApp when it comes to customizing your chats, emojis, and every aspect of the app.

With an abundance of customization options, the GB WhatsApp APK guarantees a personalized experience. Avoid spending any more boring moments on WhatsApp. Upgrade your experience by switching to GB WhatsApp right now!

What is GB WhatsApp

Explore GB WhatsApp: our website offers the modified version of the stock WhatsApp. This application redefines the user experience with its multitude of features and array of enhancements. Users are empowered to create a genuinely unique and customized look by using its interface as a blank canvas for complete customization.

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Despite all of the additions, GB WhatsApp is still fundamentally the same as the original WhatsApp, so it can be installed on smartphones without requiring the removal of the current version. Additionally, the same developer is behind a number of other WhatsApp mods, such as Yo WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, Fouad GBWhatsApp, and Fouad WhatsApp.

Android4.0 or up
PermissionsLocation, contacts, Gallery, Internet, Storage
Storage1 GB

Features of GB WhatsApp APK

GBWhatsApp provides users with an array of features that make it a great alternative to the official WhatsApp app. Some of its key features are as follows:

Hide View Status:

With the assistance of this GB WhatsApp feature, you can discreetly view the status of any of your contacts. They won’t be able to see your name in the list of people who have viewed the status. This way, you can observe the status of your contacts without alerting them.

Best Quality Image:

In the standard version of WhatsApp, your image becomes blurred when you send it to someone else. However, this modified version offers you a clear and high-quality image.


Additionally, this app provides you with contact-specific information, like notifications when contacts update their online status, profile photo, and read-message counts. You can monitor what’s going on on your WhatsApp with the help of this feature. You can benefit from this app in a lot of different ways.

Popup Notification:

The popup notification feature of this app is another intriguing feature. This function helps to hide popup alerts from this program, which improves the confidentiality of your chats and messages. Users are particularly fond of this specific feature.

Download Status:

You can save the contact statuses that appeal to you with GB WhatsApp. You cannot download statuses in the standard version of WhatsApp; you can only view them. Usually, you would need to install a third-party app in order to download a contact’s status.

It is not necessary to install any extra third-party apps when using GB WhatsApp. This updated version allows you to download status updates, which include both photos and videos, in addition to viewing them.

Endless Themes:

Arguably the most astonishing feature lies in the plethora of endless themes available within it. You have the liberty to select numerous themes that enhance the visual appeal of your smartphone. Moreover, GB WhatsApp introduces fresh emojis, providing you the option to apply them in line with your preferences. The themes offered by GB WhatsApp are truly exceptional and have garnered significant admiration from users.

Auto Reply:

The auto-reply function is very helpful for people with hectic schedules who don’t always have time to reply to messages. This feature simplifies communication by allowing you to pre-set answers to frequently asked questions.

On GB WhatsApp, automated messages are sent back to you when someone messages you. This feature is definitely incredibly useful and convenient.

Privacy Management:

GBWhatsapp has a vast variety of features that can be used to increase your privacy. Below are some privacy control settings:

  • Online Status
  • Blue Tick
  • Double tick
  • Microphone settings
  • Recording Status Control
  • Typing Status Control
  • Scheduled Messages

Comparison b/w GBWhatsApp vs. Whatsapp Official

Status Characters LengthUp to 255 charactersup to 139 characters
Document Sharing at once10030
Theme Customisation
Media Sharing1 GB15 MB
Status Download
Privacy OptionsMoreLess
Language Supported1545
Document Sharing extensionsAny formats (PDF, TXT, ZIP, RAR etc)Limited
Blank Messages Sending

How to Download and Install GBWhatsapp APK Latest Version in your Device?

Download the APK: First of all you need to download the apk in your device by click on the download button provided in this article.

Allow Unknown Source: Before installing the app you firstly need to allow the unknown source by going to Setting>Security>Unknown Source

GBWHatsapp Download Latest Version

Install the GBWhatsApp Mod APK: Now install the modded version of WhatsApp in your device.

gbwhatsapp installation guide

Open: Now click on Open button and launch the app

Register/Login: Now type your Mobile Number, verify it with OTP and enjoy the faeture loaded GBWhatsApp in your device.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Is using GBWhatsapp safe?

Indeed, using GB WhatsApp is safe and secure. It is completely virus-free and opposes user data piracy. Because the app makes use of the official WhatsApp server, your private data is secure. Furthermore, you can use GB WhatsApp with confidence knowing that your data is secure because the app’s code is open source. Get the app now to take advantage of all the customizable features of WhatsApp without having to worry about your data being secure.

Is it possible to view erased messages on GBWhatsApp?

Indeed, you are able to view every message that has been deleted by the sender, even if it has been removed for everyone. This function enables you to monitor conversations.

Can I view a deleted person’s status?

Indeed, you are able to view someone’s status even if they have removed it. Only the Anti-Delete option in your GBWhatsapp App settings needs to be enabled.

Is the GB WhatsApp APK disadvantageous in any way?

Although GB WhatsApp has many useful features, there are a few drawbacks to take into account. For instance, you will need to download the app from an outside source as it is not listed on the Google Play Store. In addition, a few users have complained about having their accounts banned, and some users may find the app’s numerous features confusing. For individuals seeking a customizable WhatsApp experience, GB WhatsApp continues to be a well-liked option in spite of these disadvantages.

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